Apk Not Installed? Facing an Error while Installing TM WhatsApp Apk

Greetings and welcome to our new blog, pals. I’m going to assist you today in resolving the TM WhatsApp app not installed issue that arose during the installation process. To resolve your problem, read the entire tutorial.

Step by Step Guide to download and Install TM WhatsApp Apk Error Free

  • If you are going to download the latest version then download the app from here
  • Now if you want your chat backup then follow this guide
  • When you are uninstalling the old version then do not click on Keep 128 MB of app data [most important step, you must untick this otherwise you will not able to install any version of the app]
  • Uninstall the app and install latest version using this guide
  • That’s it

This issue will undoubtedly appear if you selected to Keep 128 MB of app data. There is just one thing you can do to resolve this, and that is to factory reset your phone.

NOTE: TO PROTECT THE APP, THE SIGNATURE KEY WAS CHANGED, SO THIS IS ONLY HAPPENING ONE TIME. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS PROCESS AGAIN FOR ALL FUTURE VERSIONS. As it has been allowed, you will simply download and install straight away. It’s a free world, so please switch to another WhatsApp mod if you’re really annoyed about your own mistake.

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